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Clinical Nurse Specialist 


I am proud to have worked in CAMHS Eating Disorder services in a variety of roles since 2015.

Starting with Tier 4 General Adolescent in-patient unit,
I quickly found my passion working with teenagers specifically patients suffering from Eating disorders. 

I then joined the Family Eating Disorder Service and helped run the home intervention team, before becoming the Ward Manager of Brighton and Hove specialist ED
in-patient Clinic. I have run several parent support groups and work with private patients online and in-person for the EDHC service.


Due to the recent rise in Eating Disorder presentations, I am determined to help bring a better understanding of this illness to professionals and family/friends alike.

I now offer healthcare settings, universities and other educational environments essential specialist training in Eating Disorders, Autism, safeguarding, trauma informed care and an introduction to managing mental health difficulties in young people. 


Specialist Online Training

Our first online training course will be held on the 20th July for 2 hours.


The course will run for 6 weeks.
You do not need to attend all the sessions. 


£85 for individual sessions
£500 for bundle of all 6 sessions

Student Looking at Laptop

Week 1 | 20 July

What is Anorexia £85

  • What is my loved one experiencing 

  • Psychological experiences and physical health complications

  • Starvation syndrome

  • Predisposing factors and co-morbidities

  • Seeking support from services- therapy non-involvement, no inpatient beds.

Week 2 | 27 July

Meal Support £85

  • What is meal support

  • What is my loved one experiencing at mealtimes?

  • Why structured mealtimes are important?

  • Biggest anxieties for carers around meal times

  • Creating a calming environment 

  • Safety behaviours and how to challenge 

  • Meal time principles and boundary setting

  • Things to say and not to say

Week 3 | 3 August

Family life with anorexia £85 

FBT Guest speaker 

  • The uninvited guest

  • Parents/carers experiences and challenges

  • Returning to education

  • Managing conflict and anxiety 

  • Effects on siblings 

  • Parental teamwork/boundary setting

  • Family based therapy

Week 4 | 10 August

Food and your body £85 


Dietician guest speaker 

  • Identifying nutritional needs

  • Food myths 

  • Meal planning

  • Portion sizing 

  • Diet culture, body image and social media

  • Understanding weight for height

  • Sensory difficulties/needs

Week 5 | 17 August

Motivational interviewing and stages of changes £85 

  • What is motivational interviewing and why is it evidence based approach for ED suffers?

  • Cycle of change and action you can take at each stage

  • Expressing empathy 

  • Developing discrepancy

  • Rolling with resistance

  • Supporting self-efficacy

  • Skills to promote change

  • Re-framing difficult conversations 

Week 6 | 24 August

Lived experiences £85

  • Guest speakers - parent of a young person who has recovered.

  • A recovered young person 

  • A recovered adult

6 Week Bundle


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