We have a multi disciplinary team of health professionals who work alongside us. We can refer you to a Consultant Psychiatrist and/or psychotherapists if appropriate. 

About us:

Eating Disorders Home Care is the first service in London providing bespoke support for young people aged 8-25 and their families in their own homes.

We understand that meal times can be a very challenging and stressful experience for many people and we aspire to reduce the pressure for all involved.

  • Are you a family member or carer who is finding hard to cope with a young person with an eating disorder?

  • Are you over 18, living with an eating disorder and needing some specialised help?

We are here to help whether you are an NHS patient, in a private intensive service, relapsing, waiting for an inpatient referral or needing some extra therapeutic support.

What we do:

If you believe that our service could help you please contact us:

  • We will arrange a home visit within two weeks from initial contact, providing we work in your area. We also provide a virtual service using FaceTime.

  • We will observe a family meal 

  • We will offer a group debrief 

  • We will discuss the available options and  ways in which meal times could become less challenging

  • We will offer an appointment with a dietician to assist with a meal plan that works for the young person

Further to the above steps we will arrange a bespoke service for the young person and the family/carer.

Our Vision 

Eating Disorders Home Care is working to become one of the most renowned U.K. specialist services, offering high quality care to recovering young people and their families.

We provide specialist bespoke home care and evidence-based interventions with the aim of reducing crises and hospital admissions.