Eating Disorders Home Care

Eating Disorders Home Care offers a specialised service in assisting and supporting young people who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and require close support during meal times in the home.


Eating Disorders Home Care is the first service in London providing bespoke support for young people aged 8-25 and their families in their own homes.

We understand that meal times can be a very challenging and stressful experience for many people and we aspire to reduce the pressure for all involved.

  • Are you a family member or carer who is finding hard to cope with a young person with an eating disorder?

  • Are you over 18, living with an eating disorder and needing some specialised help?

We are here to help whether you are an NHS patient, in a private intensive service, relapsing, waiting for an inpatient referral or needing some extra support.


Treatment Sessions
in Private or in a Group


Initial Assessment

  • A detailed nutritional assessment that reviews your medical and physical activity, as well as your food habits

  • Initial goal setting

  • Nutrition education

  • Planning for subsequent session(s)

  • Supporting nutrition resources

Follow-up sessions 

  • Reviewing your progress with the initial goals

  • Identifying road-blocks

  • Re-evaluating goals to match identified needs

  • Further nutrition education on identified needs / priorities

  • Supporting nutrition resources


Further to the above steps we will arrange a bespoke service for the young person.

Community Therapeutic Care Worker  

Initial Assessment

  • A detailed assessment in your home that reviews your medical and physical activity and meal plan

  • Discuss with the client 

  • Observe a family meal 

  • Family debrief if client is under 18

  • We will discuss the available options and how meal times could become less challenging

Follow-up sessions 

  • Work on the food plan given by the dietitian

  • Watch you eat and observe eating habits

  • Help with eating disorder thoughts


Further to the above steps we will arrange a bespoke service for the young person and the family/carer.

Systemic and Family Psychotherapist

We see the family as a resource and as part of the solution in the recovery process. The aims of the Family Therapy range from:


• To help parents to help the young person fight the illness and regain a healthy weight;

• To build on and mobilise family strengths and to help the family develop appropriate coping skills;

• To facilitate communication between family members;

• To encourage healthy adolescent development;

• To provide information about the nature, cause and the treatment of the eating disorder and behavioural management.


The first appointment is an opportunity to discuss further how Family Therapy might be helpful to your family, to understand how I work and to agree on goals for our work together

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